How does one describe life?

Some say:

Life is beautiful . . .

Life is a mystery . . .

Life is a bubble . . .

Come to think of it, and we’ll all agree that happy memories are so precious… those living moments that have gone by… they were unique . . .

We won’t ever experience the ‘same’ again. 

But, Hey! Flambook (by PrintShoot) makes it so conveniently possible for you to choose to ‘play’ these memorable times again and again… and again… to your heart’s content! 

Using modern day IT and digital technologies we bring you the old world charm with lots of smiles and quite invariably, with tears of joy too!

Created by you on the Flambook app in a matter of a few minutes (some people even do it in seconds!) Flambook photo books are elegantly printed, bound and delivered to your doorstep. 

Impeccable printing on superior quality, very thick paper in matte finish (600 gsm), a Flambook photo book, by default, comes in hardcover, flush-mount, lay-flat binding which ensures high durability while you get to see pages opening flat 180 degrees enabling seamless double-spread images across both pages. If you care less for the jargon, it’s far simpler to realise that even a miniature-sized 6 x 6 inch (square) photo book by Flambook gives you the option to see a picture an impressive 12 inch wide across both pages. For that matter, using another relatively small size photo book option of 8×6 inch (landscape orientation) will offer upto a whooping 16 inch wide double spread for the pictures you wish to see in panoramic setting. So, you see, 6×6 or 8×6 may be designated as ‘small’ sizes, sure enough they are handy to hold and carry, cost only peanuts, but they deliver really big on value! 

Nonetheless, Flambook has photo book offerings in 9 sizes, 3 in each orientation (portrait, square and landscape) ranging all the way from dinky 4×6 inch to 16×12 inch super jumbo. What remains consistent all across is our quality and finesse.

 Back to our question, how do you describe life? 

The answer is that there can be countless answers.

But, where do you get such good  photo books, created in no time, and so easily! … And at such reasonable prices… my God! 

There lies only one answer. Flambook.

World class photo books…

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