When Flambook website says “World Class Photo Books, Quick & Affordable”, what exactly you mean? How good is Flambook quality? How quick or easy it is to make/order a photo book? How attractive is the price?

Well, the answer to the above is Flambook’s raison d'être.

- How good?

Impeccably printed, every flambook photo book regardless of size, number of pages, or the price, is offered and produced as a hardcover print edition in true ‘lay-flat’ binding. This means page-spreads open complete 180 degrees affording you the luxurious option to see your picture(s) flow seamlessly from the left side page to the right side page without any image loss or hinderance in the central binding area. Paper used is premium stock, natural shade, in matte finish. Each page sheet is ultra thick ~ 500 gsm. The overall print and binding quality has a world-class finesse associated with it. The user can also avail of the additional option of receiving the electronic link to the digital flipbook version of the Flambook photo book.

- How quick and easy?

Ordering your photo book should be a matter of few clicks or taps. The whole user interface and user experience (UI/UX) is designed accordingly. Just 3 simple steps—choose theme and book size with desired page count, upload images, pay online, and you are done in a matter of hardly few minutes.

- How affordable?

This is the best part. With such high quality parameters, the price offered is “too reasonable”, “attractive”, “no brainier”, “unbelievably good”… as many clients have exclaimed! For example: A 6x6 inch printed photo book with 14 pages inside (plus the front and back cover), hardcover lay-flat binding is offered at Rs 399 only on the website. The same is offered for a mere Rs 299 on the Flambook app which is currently available on IOS (for iphones).

- Is the Flambook photo book offered only in two sizes as being shown on the website? What if I want it in another size or more pages than what is shown?

To keep matters simple, Flambook website currently offers photo book in the two most popular and economical sizes—both are square options: 6x6 inch and 9x9 inch. However, in each size there are two different page count options to choose from.
That said, for the app users, the Flambook app on IOS (iphones) offers 9 different sizes (across three orientations—portrait, landscape and square, and in variable page count options ranging from 14 pages to 54 pages.

- Where do I upload my photos from?

Various possibilities are provided. You may upload your photos from any of the sources mentioned below, or even a combination of these sources.

  1. - Local File (smartphone/computer)
  2. - Facebook
  3. - Instagram
  4. - Google Drive
  5. - Google Photos
  6. - Drop Box
  7. - One Drive
  8. - Flickr
  9. - From a URL

- Do I have to upload photos one by one, or can I upload multiple photos in one go?

Yes, if you wish you may certainly upload multiple photos in one go. For example, if you select ‘Local File’ (your smartphone/computer) photo gallery as the source, you will be able to select multiple photos and upload them simultaneously.

- Are photos received on WhatsApp generally good enough to be uploaded for making my photo book?

Well, you need to evaluate this in relative terms. Generally speaking, WhatsApp photos aren’t high enough resolution to give sharp prints. But if that’s what you have, then do you really have a choice? For low quality pictures (low resolution, typically WhatsApp shares etc.), a smaller size photo book would still end up giving you decent enough quality to serve your purpose of memories keepsake. That is why Flambook website offers two manageable book sizes: 6x6 inch and 9x9 inch, both of which are generally suitable for most kind of pictures. However, if you are pretty sure that the picture quality is low then you would be better off going in for a relatively smaller book size.

- To what extent can I personalise my Flambook photo book?

You have the option to add text caption alongside any or every photo appearing in the photo book. You may title your photo book appropriately and this title can appear on the cover as well as on the spine (the side thickness) just as you notice in professionally produced books.

- What is the expected durability of Flambook photo book?

When we assure you that Flambook photo book is a quality product, we actually mean it. Thanks to the paper quality, the binding technology, and above all our passionate commitment to offer you the best value for your money, your hardcover Flambook photo book is meant to last through several joyful browsing sessions of reliving your memories over many years. The cover comes laminated, giving it a degree of protection from a drop or two of any spilled liquid which can be simply wiped off on the outer surface. That said, anything and everything can be better maintained and preserved if we care enough. Being a paper and board product it would help to keep your photo book away from moisture, not drop it often or fling it casually, and simply take the usual care that any precious book demands.